I have been seeing Souzi for many years now. After struggling with chronic pain and having a shoulder reconstruction I was in constant pain and had a lot of reduced mobility. I had tried physio’s, chiropractors and acupuncturists with no effect.
She has completely changed my life! After seeing her regularly I eventually was able to come off all my pain relief medications and now I am back to working out at the gym 4 times a week. This has not been a quick journey but she has supported me the whole way through.
I cannot praise Souzi enough she is truly incredible and I always walk out of my appointments feeling amazing.

Harriet Robertson (Project Manager, Airbnb host)


I have had an ongoing “frozen shoulder” issue for some time. This was my first experience at Bowen Therapy and it was very positive with great outcomes. I knew about the theory of the fascia as it was explained to me by chiropractors, but this is far more effective than chiro and has much more immediate results.
Souzi explained everything and was very thorough. Just one treatment has made a huge improvement to not just my shoulder but my overall well being and I am going to start going regularly. Thanks Souzi!

John Glenn (Director- Programming QPAC) QLD.


Souzi has been an absolute Godsend. I had no idea what Bowen was beforehand, but her friendly & caring nature drew me in. I have now had many visits since then, and would recommend Souzi and her Bowen treatments to anyone who asks. Thank you Souzi, you’re amazing!!!

Emma Gibson (SANFL Female Football Co-ordinator) Nth Adel.


I’ve been seeing Souzi for about 13 years. It was serendipity that led me to her and I’ll be forever grateful. I had a neck injury that led to shoulder pain which no other treatment had been able to relieve or fix. After the first treatment I knew I’d found what I needed, Souzi pin pointed all my trouble spots and released everything. So pain free and with a full range of movement. I was a flight attendant (now 2 years retired) so there were a lot of daily physical challenges. Maintenance and prevention were essential and I’ve never looked back. Souzi takes a very holistic approach and her treatment is a complete body and mind experience. She will use or suggest other complimentary therapies if she feels they would be beneficial.

Souzi is a warm, caring woman who is passionate about everything she does. You will leave her calm peaceful room feeling light and balanced and looking forward to your next appointment.

Deborah Hann (Retired Flight Attendant)


As a professional musician, and as I get older, the body starts to ache after performances. I have had back and shoulder pain but most recently a heel spur.

I first saw a Podiatrist who recommended orthotics to fix the problem. I chose not to go in that direction but to seek Bowen Therapy which helped my pain subside immensely after the first treatment, and after a couple more treatments the pain was gone.

I have been receiving Bowen Therapy from Souzi for a few years now for various issues. Each time I have a treatment it pretty much fixes the problem instantly. On occasions I have needed a few sessions with excellent results, plus feeling very relaxed and energized afterwards. 

Larry Todd (Musician/Teacher) Welland, SA


Souzi Wilson’s skills as a Bowen Therapist are very effective as well as relaxing. I had a bad fall six months ago and injured my knee. My knee had become very uncomfortable to touch. I had a couple of visits with Souzi and the discomfort in my knee went from a 9 on scale of 1-10 down to a 2. It was amazing – thank you Souzi for your healing touch and expert knowledge. 

Elizabeth Ellames (Personal Development Consultant) North Adelaide, SA


Souzi’s deft touch and comprehensive treatment left me feeling really relaxed with more space between my shoulders and ears and my legs a little more dangly underneath me. She is a truly gifted practitioner, working with me and my body to release its tension. Souzi really goes beyond with additional sensory stimulation at the end of the session that left me both revitalised and soothed. I highly recommend her sessions! 

Nadine Welke (Gyrotonics Instructor) Norwood, S.A


Every time I have a Body Bliss treatment with Souzi I am blown away by what it achieves. Souzi’s manner is passionate and attentive and her techniques transformational. Bravo and thank you.

Sally Jamieson (Massage Therapist), Walkerville, S.A.


Souzi is a very thorough and caring practitioner who makes you feel very welcome. She has helped me to reduce muscle tightness, realign my body and address a range of associated issues. 

Dianna Dawson (Life Coach), Belair, S.A.


As a family of three, we have had Souzi treat us over the years for varying issues such as Plantar Fasciitis, Sciatica and RSI all with great success. We continue to have treatments every few months just to keep our bodies in tune as we love the outcome of feeling wonderful each and every time. We are truly grateful for Souzi’s expertise. Thank you so much dear Souzi x 

Dee Todd (Recpetionist) Welland, S.A.


Bowen therapy by Souzi has helped me over the years with knee, elbow and hip pain. BTBliss with Souzi is transforming. I float out of her beautiful peaceful clinic feeling de stressed and feeling 80% less pain. Bless you Souzi. You have a true gift. Thank you for sharing. 

Rosa Contarino (Teacher) Henley Beach, S.A.


Souzi Wilson fixed my knee in one session after me having battled with it for 2 years. I laugh when people bag the art.. it works !! Thanks Souzi.

Mark Meyer (Musician/Drum Teacher) S.A. 


Souzi’s Bowen therapy treatment gives me great pain relief, especially after hard exercise sessions. I am then able to recover faster and go and exercise hard again the following week. Thank you Souzi. 

Susan Kay (Financial Advisor), Adelaide, S.A.