About Souzi Wilson and Body Bliss Therapy

Souzi Wilson’s interest in bodywork began with Shiatsu and Aromatherapy over 15 years ago. She has continued in her study of complementary therapies with Reiki I, Reiki II, Bowen Therapy including Advanced Techniques for the Feet,  Lymphatic Drainage Technique, and Kinesiology for Bowen Therapy.

Souzi established Bowen Therapy Bliss in 2005. It was her desire to create a beautiful and comfortable space for her clients to experience the amazing benefits of Bowen Therapy. Her particular style of Bowen Therapy was based on ‘Smart Bowen’. Through years of experience and continued study Souzi has added many other techniques to enhance the treatment.

The practice evolved to include more energy work as it became apparent that many clients really appreciated this aspect of the treatment. This led to changing the name of the business to Body Bliss Therapy which allowed for the different modalities to be under the same banner.

Souzi is a dedicated therapist who is passionate about the body’s capacity to heal itself with the appropriate guidance.

“I love seeing how easily people can heal, often it happens within the first one or two treatments. I expect to see some kind of improvement by the time I have finished the first session- that is the power of this modality! I believe it is possible because the fascia is connected throughout the whole body and when you release the restriction, change can happen easily and instantly. The beauty of Bowen Therapy is that where one area becomes ‘unstuck’, many other positive changes will follow throughout the body.

I am always searching for why there is restriction or pain, more often than not the cause of pain is not necessarily the area where the pain is felt. Even when I discover the physical cause in the body, I want to find out why that happened. There are many subtle things people do that can create havoc in the body for example the way you sit at your computer, or the position of your hips when you are driving. If we can discover the original cause of your issue and you can take some very simple steps to avoid future pain it’s a great outcome!

There can be many reasons for certain conditions and illnesses, and sometimes emotional as well as physical factors may play a part. I believe taking an holistic approach is always beneficial.”