Freedom for your body, bliss for your soul

Whether you have chronic pain or simply muscle soreness from working a little to hard at the gym, Bowen Therapy will leave you feeling relaxed, supple and more energised.

What people are saying…

Working as a G.P. can be pretty stressful at times so I decided to try Bowen Therapy for some relaxation and relieve a bit of lower back pain. To my surprise along with feeling a deep sense of relaxation, my back pain was fixed and my shoulder, which had been stiff with arthritis, was able to perform a full range of movement for the first time in several years. Souzi is now working on improving my gait for better posture so there will be no need for orthotics. I really look forward to my regular treatments.

Dr.C.K.B. (MD) North Adelaide

As a midwife I find my body is challenged daily through caring for women during childbirth.
I had heard about remarkable results from a friend about Souzi Wilson at Next Generation, for her caring and wholistic approach to Bowen Therapy.
I have sort out Souzi’s help for a range of ailments including lower back pain, tennis elbow, neck pain, and chronic pain in my hand following a netball injury, and have found Bowen therapy to be very effective with rapid relief of my symptoms. I have found the relief, particularly for the hand injury, to be long lasting, due to Souzi’s targeting the correction of the cause of the pain.
Souzi’s approach to Bowen treatment has meant that I have been able to return rapidly and comfortably to my role of caring for women.
I have no hesitation in recommending Souzi for Bowen Therapy.

Steph Taylor (Midwife) Prospect, S.A

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